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Up until 2018, Delco was run by career politicians who made decisions about the future of our county behind closed party doors, in secret wasting our money. 41 years of single-party GOP rule in Delco had resulted in political corruption that costed every single taxpayer. Before Delco can move forward, we must break the old politics. Here are a few of the measures we will take to insure that Delco taxpayers can be confident that they are not being ripped off by politicians.

Transparency and Ethics Reform

Decisions involving taxpayer money should never be made behind closed doors out of public view. The public has a right to know what is behind every single line of the budget. Further, the public has a right to demand that their elected officials adhere to ethical guidelines restricting the corrupt pay-to-play activities that are currently business as usual in Delco.

Zidek-Madden will seek reforms to:

  • Publish an easily searchable budget online, making it open to taxpayer scrutiny.
  • Aggressively promote competition for county contracts. No one should get a contract because they donated to a political campaign.
  • Propose reforms to immediately and clearly illuminate potential conflicts and corruption.
  • Support the Controller (with Joanne Phillips elected) independently auditing county spending.
  • Address insufficient campaign finance disclosure requirements.


Delaware County residents pay more taxes yet receive fewer services than our neighboring counties. We are the largest county in the U.S. with no health department, we have a bare-bones economic development program, and little action on open space preservation. Delco taxpayers are suffering from a “corruption tax” and that must end.

Zidek-Madden will:

  • Review all expenditures and contracts to insure Delco taxpayers are getting the best value from investments in infrastructure, maintenance and contracted services.
  • Apply savings to investments in public health, open spaces, and business development efforts.
  • Seek to provide Delco taxpayers with property tax relief.

Business Development & Jobs

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden have over 30 years of successful business-building experience between them. From turning around existing businesses to creating jobs in the technology, manufacturing and financial services sectors, they are immensely qualified to lead a transition to a sustainable 21st-century economy and the jobs of the future.

Zidek-Madden plan to:

  • Develop partnerships with labor and industry to expand apprenticeship programs and workforce development efforts.
  • Work with our world-class colleges and universities to build incubators for entrepreneurship focusing on STEM related industries and women and minority businesses.

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden are small businessmen and concerned Delaware County citizens and are not career politicians. This is in stark contrast to their opponents who have 50 years in politics between them. Over 40 years of single-party control must end. The choice before voters this fall is clear. This election is a choice between concerned small businesspeople vs. corrupt machine politicians who have been lining their own pockets and those of their cronies at taxpayer expense for decades.

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Why does this election matter?

There are thousands more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in Delco. A Republican Presidential candidate has not won a majority in Delco since 1988. But, on a local level, Delaware County government has been ruled by a Republican machine for over 140 years. That is both wrong and unhealthy for Delco government.

This year that must end!

This year is different. The rise of Donald Trump as President has motivated and mobilized Democrats to vote in even local elections like never before.

This year Democrats and progressives have an extraordinary opportunity to break the tired, ineffective, partisan politics of the Delco GOP machine and forge a new path forward that works for ALL county citizens.

This year we can elect local candidates who hold our progressive values. We can bring transparency, ethics and progressive innovation to a county mired in 19th century governing attitudes. Together we can bring fairness and good government to the county where we work, our children go to school, and where we live. There are more people in this county who hold our values than those who do not. But we must unite to break the machine that stifles their voices. 

About Brian

Brian Zidek is an experienced business leader and executive. He currently is President of Excess Reinsurance, a national company and a leader in the self-funded medical reinsurance industry.

Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, Brian has lived in Delaware County for nearly 17 years. Brian attended Dickinson College where he earned a bachelor of arts, majoring in both Economics and Policy and Management Studies. While at Dickinson College, he spent one year studying economics at the London School of Economics. Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Dickinson in 1992. After graduation, Brian attended Georgetown University Law Center where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1995, graduating Cum Laude. While at Georgetown, Brian was one of the founders of the Georgetown Journal on Fighting Poverty (now the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy).

Brian began his professional career practicing law at Duane Morris LLP in the Reorganization and Finance Department. Then, Brian was hired as a Vice President and General Counsel for Excess Reinsurance Underwriters. Brian also founded Excess Management Company where he served as the managing partner before selling the company in 2014.

Brian also serves as the President of Argo Capital Group, Ltd. During his tenure there, the company’s revenues and profits have grown tenfold and Argo Capital is one one of the oldest and most respected firms of its kind.

In addition to his career in business, Brian serves as the managing director of the Zidek Family Foundation, a private foundation that seeks to better the lives of children. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Gloucester County Boys and Girls Club.

Brian lives with his wife, Kate, and three children (aged 16, 6 and 3) in Nether Providence where he has coached numerous soccer and t-ball teams. In his free time, Brian competes in endurance events, focusing primarily on triathlons, and is a member of a newly formed Indivisible chapter.