MEDIA, PA, Oct. 10 – Contribution and contracts records indicate that Councilman Dave White has been participating in a countywide “Pay-to-Play” scheme where Councilman White voted to award at least $5 million in county contracts to companies and individuals who have contributed $159,000 to the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee and nearly $30,000 to his personal campaign since his appointment in 2012.

In addition, records show that Councilman White has taken campaign contributions from at least five county solicitors, including County Solicitor Michael Maddren, who pulls in nearly $150,000 in salary annually from the county. Councilman White approves the hiring of Solicitors.

Allegations have already been reported that Councilman Dave White has been pocketing millions of taxpayer dollars through his business DWD Mechanical Contractors. DWD is a confirmed subcontractor for CM3, a company who has received over $25 million in contracts from William Penn School District and Garnet Valley School District since 2012. Council exercises enormous influence over local governmental entities like school boards. Right-to-know requests and internal school district communications confirm that Councilman White’s company served as a subcontractor on these projects while Councilman White was receiving $62,500 in campaign contributions from CM3 executives since 2012.

“How can we trust politicians who routinely pass out contracts to their contributors?” asked Kevin Madden, Democratic candidate for County Council. “This culture of pay-to-play politics has been business as usual in Delco and is the direct result of 40 years of single-party rule. Taxpayers need elected officials who will follow a higher standard, and it is clear that Delco can’t move forward until we break the old politics.”

“The sheer lack of conscience among some of our Delco officials is offensive on so many levels,” said Brian Zidek, Democratic candidate for County Council. “Giving out contracts in return for campaign contributions seems clearly wrong to most of us. Apparently, some of our local leaders need a refresher course on ethics to help guide them.”

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