White uses his political influence to line his own pockets.

In the five years since he was appointed to the Delaware County Council, Dave White’s company has collected up to $10 million in government contracts – an average of $2 million in taxpayer funds each year.

Dave White has used his political influence to line his own pockets:

  • White’s HVAC contracting company, DWD Mechanical Contractor, Inc. (“DWD”), has been paid over $2.5 million by local government agencies, including $40,000 from GOP-controlled Upper Darby Township, whose political committee received $5,000 from Dave White’s campaign committee, Friends of Dave White.
  • CM3, who subcontracts work to DWD, billed Delaware County directly for an additional $8.625 million for general maintenance and HVAC/plumbing repairs since 2012.

While White has been busy collecting a seven-figure, taxpayer-funded payday, Delaware County’s spending has ballooned by $23 million from FY2013 to FY2017. While Dave White voted to raise county taxes to levels almost 50% higher than those of Montgomery County, he was also scheming with his political cronies to pocket up to $10 million in taxpayer money.

“One thing is clear, we must have more transparency in Delaware County,” said Brian Zidek, Democratic candidate for County Council. “The current system has failed taxpayers and allowed politicians like Dave White to line their pockets with the money of Delco’s working families – families who pay almost 50% more in property taxes and get fewer services than those in Montgomery County.”

“Delco’s government needs greater accountability, meaning an end to the self-dealing contracts like those that Dave White took advantage of,” said Kevin Madden, candidate for County Council. “This has to stop. Basic transparency and ethics code reforms will make it very hard for politicians like Dave White and his cronies to get away with these self-enrichment schemes.”