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As Democrats decried the all-GOP Delaware County Council on Friday for not specifically condemning President Donald Trump in its anti-hate resolution, Republicans called their charge divisive and disgraceful race-baiting.

On Friday, a statement issued by the Zidek/Madden campaign – Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden are Democratic candidates for county council against Republicans John Perfetti and incumbent Councilman Dave White – thanked county council for the resolution passed Wednesday condemning racism and Nazism in the wake of last weekend’s deadly confrontations in Charlottesville, Va. The resolution was sent to Trump and to Gov. Tom Wolf.

The Zidek/Madden statement also read, “(T)he failure of the council to specifically condemn the president for sympathizing with Nazis and white supremacists is inexcusable. The members of the Delaware County Council and the Delco Republican Party leadership, starting with Chairman Andy Reilly – who served as a presidential elector for Donald Trump – exercised their positions of power within our community last year to help get Donald Trump elected, and it is clear that they value their party loyalty more than their responsibility to express the values of the Delaware County voters they represent.”

It continued, “There can be no equivocation or ‘both sides do it’ statements when opposing Nazis, fascists or white supremacists. Donald Trump should be roundly denounced and the council failed to do so in their resolution.”

The statement also tied the issue to the fall election.

“Voters this fall will not forget that this souncil has decided that party loyalty and supporting Donald Trump is more important than what is right for Delaware County and our country,” it read.

White called the statement a divisive, calculated response.

“We have always run these campaigns on the issues of what’s good for Delaware County residents,” he said. “The first thing they do is try to mix this up with racism and that is not forgivable. We stand for all of our residents.”

He said the first item of the election that these Democratic candidates “is to try to divide Delaware County residents.”

There has never been an African-American member of Delaware County Council.

Reilly called the statement a disgrace.

“It’s disgraceful that Madden and Zidek, a New Yorker and a man who opened his company headquarters in New Jersey, are working to create more division in Delaware County,” he said. “Maybe this type of race-baiting works in Manhattan, but it doesn’t work in Delaware County.

“The Democrats are desperate to make this election about national issues,” he continued. “It’s not. This election is about Delaware County. Dave White, John Perfetti and the rest of the Republican ticket won’t rely on words to combat hate. They have a record of combatting hate with their 30 years of community involvement that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and equality.”

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