Insist there can be no moral equivalence when addressing Nazis and White Supremacy

We would like to thank the Delaware County Council for their resolution condemning the obvious. Every morally sound person knows that Nazis, racism and white supremacist ideology is repugnant and deplorable, so that part of their statement is well taken.

However, the failure of the Council to specifically condemn the President for sympathizing with the Nazis and white supremacists is inexcusable. The members of the Delaware County Council and the Delco Republican Party leadership, starting with Chairman Andy Reilly – who served as a Presidential Elector for Donald Trump – exercised their positions of power within our community last year to help get Donald Trump elected, and it is clear that they value their party loyalty more than their responsibility to express the values of the Delaware County voters they represent. There can be no equivocation or “both sides do it” statements when opposing Nazis, fascists or white supremacists. Donald Trump should be roundly denounced and the Council failed to do so in their resolution.

The CEOs of major corporations are renouncing their support or membership on councils associated with Donald Trump because they don’t want to be associated with someone who equivocates on facism, white supremacy or opposing outright Nazis. Our Military leaders, not often inclined to political statements, feel strongly enough that they are releasing statements condemning equivocation of this kind.

The Council wrote this statement while sitting less than 100 miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where proud Pennsylvanians and United States soldiers fought to defeat the white supremacist Confederacy. The fact that they could not find it in themselves to condemn this President for equivocating on white supremacy is disrespectful to their memory.

Voters this fall will not forget that this Council has decided that party loyalty and supporting Donald Trump is more important than what is right for Delaware County and our country. This is why single-party rule is detrimental to good government. This demonstrates that all government truly starts at the local level. This is why we need to change County Council this year.